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What is the Central Idea of the poem The Hollow Men?

What is the Central Idea of the poem The Hollow Men?

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  1. T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men” examines the existential crises, moral degradation, and spiritual emptiness of those who live in a fractured and demoralized society. It depicts the “hollow men” as those who are unable of facing their own moral flaws and lack the confidence to take significant action. They are shown as being in a condition of spiritual paralysis. Eliot’s depiction of the hollow men reveals a feeling of despair about modernity and the erosion of moral principles. The poem poses concerns about the effects of human passivity, the failure to address societal and moral challenges, and the impossibility of discovering real fulfillment and connection in a society devoid of spirituality. It acts as a criticism of contemporary life, provoking readers to consider the effects of moral degradation, the need for spiritual salvation, and the fundamental human struggle to find meaning and purpose in a disjointed and demoralized society.

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