What happened to Fritz doll?

What happened to Fritz doll?

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    Fritz, a Swiss doll was Jayanto’s childhood companion but they were made to part due to an unfortunate incident. One day, Jayanto, when he was young, was sitting out on the lawn having tea, with Fritz by his side. He was not old enough to have tea by himself and despite his parents’ protests, he insisted on having tea all by himself. In this process, the cup titled and some of the hot tea fell on his pants. He had gone back inside to change them and when he came out, Fritz was gone. After searching, Jayanto had found that a couple of stray dogs were having a nice tug-of-war with Fritz. Fritz, at that time, was battered beyond recognition and his clothes were torn. For Jayanto, Fritz was dead and he gave him a nice burial beneath the deodar tree.

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