What do you know about the setting of the story The Sound Machine?

What do you know about the setting of the story The Sound Machine?

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    “The Sound Machine”, written by Roald Dahl talked about the unhealthy obsession of an amateur scientist, Klausner and his invention, the titular sound machine. According to Klausner, there were many odd inaudible sounds which cannot be heard by humans but using his machine, these sounds can be converted to audible sounds. He informed Doctor Scott about this, who later said would catch up with him. He tried the sound machine in his garden and heard a piercing cry through it which the plants were making when they were being cut by Klausner’s neighbor, Mrs Saunders. That proved to him that even plants had emotions like humans. They too felt pain. It was a frightening noise that came just as the stem of a plant was cut. After Mrs Saunders went inside, Klausner tried this experiment once again by pulling out a daisy. He heard a faint crying noise. After repeating the process he came to realize that the cry wasn’t of pain but just a cry, a neutral, stony cry. It seemed to be an emotionless note, an emotion which humans were not aware of. The next day, Klausner went to the park and struck a tree’s trunk with an axe and heard the same piercing cry. He hurriedly went back home and called the doctor to test his theory. However things go wrong after this point. To make the doctor hear the sound, Klausner struck the tree again and a big branch from the tree crashed down and destroyed the sound machine. The doctor kept on saying that he hadn’t heard any sound and after some time, Klausner asked the doctor to apply iodine on the wound in the tree’s trunk where he had struck it. The doctor then told Klausner that he needed some change in life and took him back home.

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