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What are the poetic devices used in the poem Poetry?

What are the poetic devices used in the poem Poetry?

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    • Metaphor: The poem opens with the metaphorical description of poetry as “imaginary gardens with real toads in them.” This metaphor conveys the idea that poetry combines imagination and reality, representing the creative and transformative nature of poetic expression.

    • Imagery: Throughout the poem, Moore employs vivid imagery to evoke sensory experiences and create visual impressions. For example, she describes poetry as having “hard edges” and being “compact” like “a turtle.” These images contribute to the reader’s understanding of poetry as a tangible and concrete art form.

    • Paradox: Moore uses paradoxical statements to challenge conventional ideas and highlight the complexities of poetry. For instance, she states that poetry should be “genuine” but also “made” and that it should be “literal” but also “embellished.” These paradoxes invite readers to consider the multi-layered nature of poetry.

    • Allusion: The poem contains references to other works and authors, such as William Blake’s “tiger” and Thomas Edison’s “invention.” These allusions enrich the poem by connecting it to broader cultural and literary contexts, adding depth and complexity to its meaning.

    • Enjambment: Moore frequently employs enjambment, the continuation of a sentence or thought without a pause at the end of a line, to create a sense of flow and momentum in the poem. This technique enhances the rhythmic quality and adds to the overall musicality of the verses.

    • Repetition: The poem uses repetition for emphasis and to create a rhythmic effect. For example, the phrase “I, too, dislike it” is repeated multiple times, underscoring the poet’s ambivalent relationship with poetry. This repetition reinforces key ideas and draws attention to significant aspects of the poem.

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