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What Are The Poetic Devices Of The Poem Wild Geese?

What Are The Poetic Devices Of The Poem Wild Geese?

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    1. Repetition: the simple repetition of words or a cluster of words in different consecutive lines. The explicit use of repetition can be noticed in the first two lines, where Oliver uses “you do not have to” repeatedly.

    2. Alliteration: the repetition of words beginning from the same letter. A poet can use this technique for two or multiple words to make the tone rhythmic. In the eleventh and twelfth lines, we notice mountains and meanwhile to be alliterations. Following this high and heading home is another use of alliteration.

    3. Anaphora: Anaphora is the repetition of a word or a cluster of words at the beginning of lines. Such as “you do not have to” and “meanwhile” in the poem is an excellent examples of anaphora.

    4. Enjambment: the quick transition of incomplete sentences. The poetic technique does not give the reader time to register one line and quickly jumps to another. This technique is a primary contributor to the thrill in a poem. We can witness the use of enjambment in lines eight, nine, sixteen, and seventeen.




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