What are the characteristics of courtly love?

What are the characteristics of courtly love?

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    Courtly love (or fin’amor ) is a medieval European concept regarding chivalric love and literary idea that came into prominence in the 12th century, developed in the context of the Occitan troubadour tradition in southern France, and was introduced to the court of King Henry II of England by Eleanor of Aquitaine.

    A major aspect of courtly love was the knight’s devotion to his lady; the knight was expected to love and respect his lady even after she was married to another man, or if she never married. This kind of love was often tempestuous, with the focus on the lady’s feelings, and was usually unconsummated.

    The motifs of courtly love were first made popular by the troubadours of Provence and Northern France. The troubadours were poets and musicians, who used their talents to seduce noblewomen and other patrons. They were often on tour, and would therefore court their patrons, who would give them gifts and money to continue their art. Courtly Love was also the inspiration for the knightly love in medieval romance, which was about noble knights who chose to die for their loves.

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