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What are 3 themes in All Summer in a Day? Explain

What are 3 themes in All Summer in a Day? Explain

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    The three themes of the story are jealousy, the power of nature, and anticipation and nostalgia.
    1) Jealousy:- the children are jealous of Margot as she is able to remember the Sun, having lived on Earth for sometime, unlike them. Out of that jealousy, they bully Margot to no ends and even lock her up in the closet just before the Sun comes out. Jealousy never makes better out of anyone and here nine-year olds go to extremes of behaviour out of sheer jealousy.
    2) The power of nature:- even though these people are living in Venus, showing how far science and technology have evolved yet they have no control over nature. It rains forever on the planet and the Sun only comes out for two hours every seven years. Unable to control the forces of nature, they have refashioned their lives on Venus accordingly.
    3) Anticipation and nostalgia:- all the children eagerly wait for the Sun, even though they don’t even remember it. Sun symbolizes hope for them, Margot and everyone anticipate the Sun to come and remove all unhappiness and rain and leave behind a warm feeling of comfort and joy.

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