how does squeaky change in raymond's run?

how does squeaky change in raymond's run?

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    In “Raymond’s Run,” Squeaky undergoes a significant transformation and growth throughout the story. Initially, Squeaky is portrayed as a fiercely competitive and self-assured young girl who takes great pride in her running abilities. She is determined to be the fastest runner in her neighborhood and has a strong sense of her own identity as a runner.

    However, as the story progresses, Squeaky begins to experience a shift in her perspective and priorities. This change is primarily driven by her interactions with Gretchen, a new girl in the neighborhood who is also a talented runner. At first, Squeaky sees Gretchen as a rival and is determined to beat her in the upcoming race. But as she observes Gretchen’s running style and recognizes her own biases, Squeaky starts to appreciate Gretchen’s abilities and begins to question her own motivations.

    Squeaky’s transformation is further fueled by her interactions with her brother Raymond. As the story unfolds, Squeaky realizes the importance of supporting and caring for Raymond, who has special needs. She recognizes that her role as his sister goes beyond being a competitive runner and that she has a responsibility to look out for him.

    By the end of the story, Squeaky’s perspective has shifted significantly. She no longer sees winning races as the sole measure of success. Instead, she embraces the idea of supporting others and celebrating their achievements. Squeaky learns the value of empathy, sportsmanship, and community, and she begins to understand that there is more to life than personal victories.

    Overall, Squeaky’s transformation in “Raymond’s Run” is marked by a shift from a self-centered and competitive mindset to one that values empathy, support, and the celebration of others’ accomplishments.

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