“the sound machine is a science fiction”. Discuss

“the sound machine is a science fiction”. Discuss

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    The sound machine falls under the genre of science fiction. The story has an amateur scientist, Klausner, who believes that there are sounds that are so low pitched or so high-pitched that one can’t perceive them and he invents a machine where he can convert odd inaudible sounds to an audible frequency in order to hear them. The sound machine is the main symbol in the story, for the scientific advancements it has been occurring against nature. Klausner is experimenting on the sound machine to study how the plants feel pain when they are cut. It is not scientifically proven, as machine doesn’t exactly exists in real life where one can hear sounds created by the plants, but it is indeed remarkable how Klausner attends that level of perfection when he could actually hear the sounds of the plants when they are cut.

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