State the key points in the poem Amanda

State the key points in the poem Amanda

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  1. Following are the key pints in the poem Amanda:

    1. Amanda is a little girl who is often scolded by her parents (probably mother) for not doing as they advise.
    2. First she is asked to refrain from biting nails, bending her shoulders while sitting.
    3. However, Amanda does not listen to her mother and rather imagines herself  as a mermaid (fictional character having head of a girl and body of a fish) in the sea and enjoying freedom there.
    4. Next, her mother asks whether she (Amanda) has completed her work or not and put the things in order in her room or not. She further says to Amanda angrily that she had told her to clean her shoes.
    5. Amanda agin escapes into dreams. She imagines herself to be an orphan who is roaming around in the street freely.
    6. Her mother again confronts her. She asks Amanda not to eat chocolate as she got acne (pimples) on her face last time. However Amanda does not seem to be interested in her mother’s words which make the latter more angry. She shouts at Amanda that she is talking to her (Amanda).
    7. Amanda again begins dreaming. This time, she imagines herself as a Rapunzel who is in a quiet room and remains there forever.
    8. Finally her mother asks her not be remain lazy and moody all the time. People will think that her parents are harsh towards her. This time Amanda does not dream. It seems that she has accepted the reality. She has learnt to live with harsh words.

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