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  1. Following poetic devices have been used in the poem "The Laburnum Top" written by Ted Hughes - 1. Alliteration :- “(S)eptember s()unlight”, "a (s)uddeness, a (s)tartlement", "the whole (t)ree (t)rembles", "(w)histle-chirrup (w)hispering. 2. Simile: "then sleek as a lizard" 3. Metaphor: “a machine stRead more

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  1. There are mainly three themes which I find in the poem. 1. Celebration of Youth - The poet describes the benefit of being young. According to him, a young person can do anything. He is courageous, lavish, pleasure-seeking, passionate, brave and adventurous unlike the old man who is weak, lame, joyleRead more

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  1. In this poem, we find three important things which the poet is trying to depict. 1. First, the people change and so their sentiments. The people praised the patriot a lot on his victory and loyalty for the country. However after a year, the same people were either cursing him or throwing stones at hRead more

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  1. It means "Looking for a person who will buy a drink for you". The word was commonly using during the 19th century. e.g. Amit has spent all of his money and is off Juggins hunting.

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  1. The phrase "the house withdrew into silence" has been taken from the poem "My Grandmother's House" written by Kamala Das. In this poem, the poet is taking about the house of her grandmother which has been deserted after her (grandmother's) death. According to the poet, the house which once used to cRead more

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