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  1. King Lear is a story that is full of tragic events and ends. Cordelia is banished by his father and dies before any reconciliation. Lear is betrayed by his daughters and dies after learning about his misjudgment regarding Cordelia. Gloucester banishes his loving son Edgar and loses her vision. EdgarRead more

  1. Prospero has a complicated relationship with Ariel. They both trust each other and Ariel does Prospero’s bidding in the hope that he would fulfil his promise. Prospero has every intention of freeing Ariel but balks at his constant reminder of the said promise. Prospero and Ariel work in cohesion toRead more

  1. There are two themes in the story “A Letter to God” – Blind-faith and Two Sides of the Same Story. Blind-faith The story reflects the blind-faith of the peasant. The crops are destroyed by the storm but the peasant takes it as a divine action. He writes a letter to God (height of blind-faith) and fiRead more