Justify the title of the poem The Good Morrow

Justify the title of the poem The Good Morrow

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    The poem, The Good-Morrow is written from the point of view of an awaking lover and describes the lover’s thoughts as he wakes next to his partner. The lover’s musings move from discussing sensual love to spiritual love coupled with biblical references as he realises that, with spiritual love, the couple are liberated from fear and the need to seek adventure.

    Hence, Good Morrow: waking up to a new life justifies the title of the poem.

  2. The poem ‘The Good Morrow’ by John Donne is a metaphysical love poem in nature. Here he emphasizes the new chapter of their relationship. He uses the metaphor of the seven sleepers who were slept for more than 100 years in a hid out, in which he finds the similarity in their relationship as they were slept for years. As if their feelings have not been appropriate. They indulged themselves in country pleasures. As their love was only physical but not from the inner core of heart .

    But in the second stanza, the poet finds the true awakening. After a long slumber, their souls awakened only to mingle and merge with each other souls originating from the same source displays a maddening thirst of assimilation into each other. They are out of fear. They find a whole world in their own ‘little room’. They find each other as they are the two halfs of their own world of love. Their love in truly transformed from physical to platonic love.

    The title of the poem truly discloses the past and present state of the speaker and his lady love’s spiritual love. Here it plays the appropriate role for justification the metaphysical or Platonic love.

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