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how to compliment a guy’s eyes over text?

how to compliment a guy’s eyes over text?

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  1. Lucifer
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    Eyes are the first thing you notice when you look at someone, they are one of the first things everyone looks when they meet someone new. So, complimenting a guy’s eyes over text will get him interested. Here are some examples of the “perfect” eyes compliment.

    1. “Your eyes are like the night sky.”

    2. “Your eyes are so gorgeous, I can’t look away from them”

    3. “I want to stare into those deep blue/brown eyes of yours all day long”

    4. “You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen”

    5. “Your eyes are just the prettiest eyes I have ever seen in my entire life”

    6. “Your eyes are so hypnotic that I cannot help but stare into them”

    7. “Your eyes are so expressive, they speak volumes”

    8. “Your eyes look so beautiful and mesmerizing”

    9. “Your eyes make me feel like I am looking into your soul”

    10. “Your eyes are so stunning and seductive – they make me dream”

    11. “Your eyes are so lovely, I want to kiss them”

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