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how to ask your boss for more work in an email?

how to ask your boss for more work in an email?

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  1. Lucifer
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    You can say,

    1. “I was wondering if there’s anything you’d like me to help with?”
    2. “I think this is beyond my current knowledge, but I’d love to learn more.”
    3. “What I can do for you today is help with the proposal. I have a couple of ideas for the project. I’d like to run them by you.”
    4. “I was thinking about your comments on that last report and wanted to give you another perspective. I think you’ll find this useful.”
    5. “I was reading some of your old projects and would like to offer my services on those. Is that okay?”
    6. You gave me a lot of great advice when I was applying for the job. I’d like to pay it forward and get some advice from you.”
    7. “I’d like to go over your recent projects with you. I think there are some things I can do for you.”

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