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Give “Midsummer” by Manuel Arguilla Analysis.

Give “Midsummer” by Manuel Arguilla Analysis.

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  1. The author has tried to do justice to the culture and customs of the land and its people. The use of environmental and natural vistas is ornate and gives a sense of presence to the entire meeting.

    The attributes like deference, hospitality, gratitude, care, goodness etc are displayed in the characters of the story. This is undoubtedly a tribute to the people of the Philippines and a eulogy to their ways, proclivities and conduct.

    The story is grounded against the screen of colonial intrusion into the Filipino society which was a time of flux and massive changes. It depicts a-balancing act between the known and the strange, between the traditional and the modern, a twist of mundane with the unconventional.

    Read the summary of Midsummer here.

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