Explain “The Charge of the Light Brigade” Meaning.

Explain “The Charge of the Light Brigade” Meaning.

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  1. The title of this poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson is “The Charge of the Light Brigade“. The word Charge here in the poem means attack done by the British Army on the Russian Army. As described in this section, the word Brigade means a battalion or unit of the army.

    Here it is the army of 600 British Soldiers. Finally, the word Light has been used for the British soldiers to depict that they had swords which are quite a light and traditional weapon as compared to the powerful and dangerous weapons like guns and cannons which Russian army had.

    Thus the title of this poem symbolises the brave expedition of the British Army which was armed with swords, against the Russian Army which had dangerous weapons. Hence it is written in the praise he those brave British soldiers.

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