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Explain poetic devices of poem Prayer

Explain poetic devices of poem Prayer

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  1. Following poetic devices have been used in the poem Prayer:


    Metaphor is a poetic device that, for rhetorical effect, directly refers to one thing by mentioning another. The poet uses metaphor in the poem Prayer. e.g.

    1. Dwell in ignorance;
    2. Nectar of knowledge;
    3. The way of truth;
    4. You are my hope and trust;
    5. You brought me to bloom.


    The poet uses simile in the poem Prayer in the following lines:

    Like dew, how long shall I wait for the first flash of the sun?

    Here, he compares his life without the blessings of his Lord like a dew that longs for the first ray of sun.

    Awaken me with (like) the flowers in the first stroke of the dawn.

    Here, he compares himself with the flower.


    Anaphora is a poetic device in which words are repeated at the beginning of successive clauses, phrases, or sentences. The poet uses Anaphora in the poem Prayer. e.g.

    Let me not ever chant the sleep-inducing tales; Let me sing the songs which infuse life into the dead. Let me sing of that which inspires people with love, And causes all bitterness and hatred to vanish. You brought me to bloom with the earliest vernal breeze; Let not the burning heat of summer wither me grey.

    The word “Let” has been repeated several times in the poem.

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