Explain Breezy April as a romantic poem

Explain Breezy April as a romantic poem

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  1. Romantic means something which is characterised by love and idealised view of reality. Rabindranath Tagore was quite influenced by the writings of Romantic Poets especially Keats. Hence we find the theme of nature in a number of his poems.

    The poem Breezy April is also a romantic verse. In this poem, the speaker is a tree who is in conversation with spring breeze. It tells us how the spring breeze thrills it, cheers it up, brings life into it, teases it, kisses it etc. In other words, spring breeze is consider as the life giver and the healer of the soul.

    Throughout the poem, we find love for the spring season. e.g. the phrase “Breezy April, Vagrant April” is repeated twice in the poem. The voice of the breeze is considered as soft, sweet and soothing.

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