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Explain auction scene in candida

Explain auction scene in candida

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  1. The last scene of the play Candida holds significant role in its development. James Morells, Candida’s husband is a clergyman. Initially he thinks that Candida is dependent on her and he is an ideal person. However as soon as Eugene Marchbanks enters the plot, he begins feeling insecure.

    Eugene makes him realise that he is not capable of being the husband of Candida. It is Eugene himself who should have her husband. Ultimately he gives up the hope of keep Candida with himself and gives her a choice to either run away or live with him.

    Thus Candida is auctioned. This is a satire on the society. Candida, as a woman holds no significance though she is an independent woman. She then makes it clear to Morell that she will live with her because he needs her.

    In Victorian Era, due to the emergence of feminism and empowerment, the women began to question the established authority of patriarchy. In the auction scene, Candida also questions the belief that she has to depend either on Eugene or Morell.

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