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Candida Character Analysis

Candida Character Analysis

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  1. Candida is the eponymous protagonist of the play Candida by GB Shaw. The word Candid means frank and so she is. Right from the beginning, we can understand how caring and wise she is. In scene 1, she comes to her own home from her parents’ home to take children’s winter clothes. Finding everything in on ordered condition, she begins arranging all the things.

    In the play she is depicted as strong which is on contrary to the traditional belief that men are strong and bold and women are weak. In this way, the play questions the discrimination with the women on the basis of gender.

    Shaw has tried to change the gender roles to show the strength of woman. James Morell, Candida’s husband is a clergyman who considers himself to be ideal husband because he believes that Candida is dependent on him. But later on it becomes clear that Candida is not dependent on him. She can sustain herself and has ample of other opportunities (like marrying Eugene Marchbanks).

    During the auction scene, it is Candida who decides to live with James and not because she cannot live without him but because he cannot live without her.

    On the other hand, James Morell is weaker and less wise than Candida. He is totally dependent on her and cannot live without her. As an emancipated or new woman, Candida can be considered to be the ideal of Victorian Era.

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