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Explain “A Letter to God” Theme

Explain “A Letter to God” Theme

1 Answer

  1. There are two themes in the story “A Letter to God” – Blind-faith and Two Sides of the Same Story.


    The story reflects the blind-faith of the peasant. The crops are destroyed by the storm but the peasant takes it as a divine action. He writes a letter to God (height of blind-faith) and finding the money he believes that it has been given by God himself. Even when he finds 70 Passos, he is not pleased as he thinks that God must have given 100 Passos but the post-man might have stolen 30 Passos.

    The story reflects the mentality of illiterates and poor people of villages and also the sympathetic nature of people like Postman.

    Two Sides of a Story

    The other theme which is mainly reflected in this short story is the two different sides of the same story. Lencho, the farmer is an uneducated person and full of blind-faith. He is unaware of the reality. Hence rather than thanking the employees of Post Office, he calls them greedy and bunch of crooks. This is the irony in the story.

    On the other hand, the post-master who was moved by the innocence of the farmer never expected such response of the farmer.

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