Explain “A Letter to God” Lesson.

Explain “A Letter to God” Lesson.

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    The short story A Letter to God is about the innocence of a poor farmer who becomes a victim of natural calamity. The author in this short story throws light on two important things:


    Lencho being uneducated has too much belief in God. For him God is on earth and one can easily have a discussion with Him or even can ask for help. Hence he writes a letter to Him seeking His help.

    The employees are moved by the innocence of Lencho and thus collect money for him so that him belief in God may remain firm. The irony of the story is that he takes the postmen as thieves as he thinks that they have stolen his money. Thus blind-faith is a dangerous thing


    We have discussed above that Lencho is uneducated. However the poet highlights how common corruption is in the society that even illiterate and innocent people like Lencho are also well aware of this social evil.

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