Explain A Case of Suspicion Summary

Explain A Case of Suspicion Summary

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  1. “A Case of Suspicion” is a short story by Graham Greene. The story is about a country doctor named Dr. Benson who is awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call from a patient named Evans. Evans is in a state of panic and asks Dr. Benson to come to his house immediately. Dr. Benson agrees to go and sets out on a windy night to reach Evans’ house.

    On the way, Dr. Benson meets a man who is walking in the same direction. The man tells Dr. Benson that he is going to Evans’ house as well. Dr. Benson is suspicious of the man and wonders if he is a thief or a murderer. However, the man assures Dr. Benson that he is a friend of Evans and is going to help him.

    When they reach Evans’ house, they find that he is in a state of shock. Evans tells Dr. Benson that he has been robbed and that the thief has taken his watch. Dr. Benson examines Evans and finds that he is not injured. He then asks Evans to describe the thief, but Evans is unable to do so.

    Dr. Benson notices that the man who accompanied him to Evans’ house is wearing a watch that looks like the one Evans described. Dr. Benson confronts the man, who admits that he stole the watch from Evans. The man returns the watch to Evans, and Dr. Benson leaves the house.

    The story ends with Dr. Benson reflecting on the events of the night and realizing that he was wrong to suspect the man. He also realizes that he has learned an important lesson about the dangers of suspicion and the importance of trust.

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