Do you think Amanda is mother is a nagging woman? how do you know?

Do you think Amanda is mother is a nagging woman? how do you know?

3 Answers

  1. Yes, Amanda’s mother is certainly a nagging woman (a person who harasses others). Right from the beginning, we find that she keeps shouting at Amanda. She stops her from eating nails, bending her shoulders, not doing her homework, eating chocolates.

    She finds some reason to scold her daughter. She never understands how it is having impact on Amanda. Because of constant torture, Amanda escapes to imaginations and desires freedom and peace which she does not get in her home because of her mother.

    Read summary of this poem.

  2. yes, we can say that Amanda’s mother is a very nagging woman. As children reach adolescence there are expected to behave in certain ways. That’s also occurred with Amanda as her mother wanted him to sit straight, take care of her appearance, etc.

    Her mother was a little strict towards her and wanted her to behave like elders. in this process, she always used the way of force and never explained her quietly.

  3. Amanda’s mother is not a nagging mother as she is concerned about her daughter’s discipline and health.she trying to change her into an obedient child. But the way she behaves to Amanda should not be like nagging.

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