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Comment on the hero of the story idgah

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  1. Hamid, a four year boy is the hero or protagonist of the short story Idgah. He lives with his grandmother Amina. Hamid recently lost his parents; However, his grandmother told him that his father had left to earn money, and his mother went to Allah to bring him a beautiful gift. This makes Hamid hopeful. Although Amina is concerned about her poverty and the happiness of her grandchildren, Hamid is a happy and active girl.

    The story begins on the morning of Eid al-Fitr, Hamid and the other boys from the village go to Eid al-Fitr. Hamid was extremely poor with his friends, wearing threadbare clothes, and seemed very hungry, since Eddie’s vacation was only three years old. Other kids spend their pocket money on attractions, candy, and beautiful clay toys, and Hamid will scoff at him when he thinks this is a waste of money for temporary happiness. When his friends were having fun, he overcame the temptation, went to the hardware store to buy a pair of tongs and remembered that his grandmother burned her finger while making kebabs.

    When they returned to the village, Hamid’s friends mocked him for buying his toys, complimenting the advantages of his toys over his tweezers. Hamid presented several ingenious arguments to refute. Soon after, his friends were more fascinated by the pliers than their own toys and even offered to trade their items for their own, but Hamid refused. When Hamid gave the tongs to his grandmother, the story ended on a poignant note. At first, she blamed him for buying things instead of buying things to eat or drink at the market, until Hamid reminded her of how he burned his fingers every day. She burst into tears and blessed him for his kindness.

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