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Charles Lamb as an essayist

Charles Lamb as an essayist

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  1. Lamb’s essays exhibit infinite selection. His essays satisfy the appetite of every flavour. In his experiments Lamb reveals himself. His essays give a glimpse into his life and thought. The essay ‘Dream Children‘ is noted for its description. It’s a reverie.

    The reason behind the creation of this essay is his brother John’s death. It unveils the writer’s soul. It’s full of pathos.’ A Bachelor’s Complaint‘ is also an autobiographical and humorous essay. This Lamb describes various oddities of the couples that are married.

    His style is an expression of his humour. His essays are marked with all colors of humor and delicate irony. Absurd details, puns, situations that are funny and laughter usually occur in his experiments.

    There are even harmless strokes of fun at him and at others. The element of humour is balanced with a vein of reflectiveness and a tinge of sadness. Pathos is an component of his humour. It’s a consciousness of this pathetic laugh. In short, Lamb’s humour is a blend of tears and jest .’ The Dream Children’ is remarkable for its blend of humour and pathos.

    Lamb’s essays are autobiographical and personal. They reflect his nobility, his character, his soul, his geniality and his charity. Lamb talks about friends, his relatives and acquaintances. But he is silent about the murder of his mother for the sake of his sister.

    It was she who killed Lamb’s mother. He often changes the name of his connections and mystifies the character. Such deviations do not change the reality. He’s friendly and intimate . He takes the readers into his confidence in affairs. He tells us about his boyhood his youth and his manhood.

    Lamb never gives the impression of being proud or vain, Although the essays are autobiographical. he is the egoist with no touch of egotism. Lamb’s style is the expression of his personality. His essays have the charm of poetry.

    Epigrammatic depth, ease , emotional flexibility allusiveness all mark the essays of Elia. Lamb’s style is natural and original. He is remarkably affected by the writers like Burton Brown and Fuller. He used Latinised words. Allusiveness is a marked feature of his style. Lamb makes regular use of irony and pun.

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