Bring out the theme of the poem Amanda

Bring out the theme of the poem Amanda

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  1. Following are the main themes in the poem Amanda:

    Children are Innocent and Sensitive

    In the poem, little Amanda is very innocent and sensitive. Everyday she is insulted and scolded by her mother for not obeying her. Her mother asks her to do this and that. Amanda being sensitive, cannot bear the harsh words and instead escapes into imaginations. She imagines herself as superficial characters (those who don’t exist) like Rapunzel, mermaid etc.

    She even desires to be an orphan i.e. without parents because she desires freedom, liberty, peace and quietness. It shows that how her life has been restricted by her parents. The poem thus deals which a very important theme; freedom and liberty for children. Those who are brought up in restricted conditions are often moody and easily irritating.

    Creativity of Amanda

    Little Amanda seems to be a very creative child. She imagines to be a mermaid (an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish) in the slow moving, green and quiet sea. Next, she imagines to be an orphan and walk with bare feet as a free child. Imagine how creative she is!.

    She also imagines herself to be Rapunzel and desires to remain in the locked castle (without a door) and does not want any human around her.

    Hence, the poet wants to show that a child is very creative. Most of the parents cannot understand or appreciate their creativity which the poet seems to be criticising in the poem.

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