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bring out the humour in a horse and two goats

bring out the humour in a horse and two goats

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    The main humor in the story can be viewed through the exchange between Muni and the American as neither of them share a common language to converse. The American, speaking English, expects Muni to do so. However, Muni hailing from a different country is unable to understand the foreigner. The language barrier causes the humor in the story. Muni only knew the words “yes” and “no”. So when the stranger greeted him by saying, “Namaste! How do you do?”, Muni, scared, uttered, “yes, no.” After offering Muni a cigarette, the man offered him a light but Muni blew it on and put it out, as he was not understanding the man’s intention. Neither of the two could understand each other, so they tried to express themselves through sign languages or pointing at physical objects and through this process the conversation becomes more humorous and enjoyable.

    A Horse and Two Goats Summary in English

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