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Write a note on the tempest conflict.

Write a note on the tempest conflict.

1 Answer

  1. Tempest has many parallel notes of conflict and rancour. Prospero is enraged by the betrayal of his brother Antonio and King Alonso. Caliban is desperate to remove Prospero from the position of power on the Island.

    Ariel wants to earn his freedom while Ferdinand and Miranda want to marry each other against her father’s wishes.

    Even the opening scene, there is conflict between the Boatswain and the nobles, King and his cohorts etc.The same theme is witnessed when Trinculo, Stefano and Caliban plot to kill Prospero and Antonio-Sebastian scheme to murder Gonzalo and King Alonso.

    Apart from Caliban-Prospero which is left ambiguous, rest of the conflicts are resolved by the culmination of the story.

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