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Write a note on the Revenge in the Tempest.

Write a note on the Revenge in the Tempest.

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  1. The prime driving force of the plot in Tempest is revenge and retribution. Prospero is dethroned and left to die with his young daughter by King Alonso and Antonio.

    Helped by Gonzalo, Prospero manages to survive on an island and build a strong foothold. he is able to conjure Ariel, a  soirit and use him to orchestrate a scheme of revenge, he even uses his own daughter to put his plan into action.

    Another character Caliban seeks to avenge the loss of his authority on the island by killing Prospero and marrying his daughter to Stefano, a courtier of King Alonso
    In the end, resolution is achieved through conciliation rather than bloodshed or murder.

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