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Write a note on character development in hamlet

Write a note on character development in hamlet

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  1. Shakespeare develops the character of Hamlet through its various shades from Act 1 to the last. In Act I he is painted as dejected and forlorn and passive. In Act II, he shows determination to find the truth and prove Claudius complicity in his father’s murder.

    He becomes more intense in his responses, so much so that other characters start to consider him insane like Polonius He also shows a level of ambiguity as to the details of his plan.

    However, in Act III, he starts potting the details of how he plans to take down Claudius. However, he stills resists in executing his revenge. The action finally comes in Act IV. In the final act, Act V Hamlet reveals his friable and emotional side.

    He confesses his love for Ophelia, forgives Laertes, avenges his father and finds peaceful sleep of death. He also cements his legacy by asking Horatio to disseminate his legend through his words.

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