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Why do we study literature?

Why do we study literature?

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  1. As we know, literature is the reflection of contemporary society. Thus it reflects the ideas, morals, culture, beliefs, developments, incidents, tragedies etc of a society. According to Bacon History makes us wise. History is nothing but literature. Hence we can say that literature makes us wise.

    1. Literature helps us know about the past societies, their cultures, beliefs and how did they live their lives.
    2. It tells us how different countries, religions, societies etc came into existence.
    3. It exposes the corruption, problems, issues in the society. Note that leftsists had to hide themselves after writing against the government. Later it a big revolution took place just because of literature
    4. Literature teaches us the art of living a better life.
    5. Literature makes the man creative, rational and logical.
    6. It helps in the creation of innovative ideas.
    7. It helps us to see the society in a different way.
    8. It helps us communicate, converse and express our ideas in a better way.
    9. It helps us build our personality.
    10. It is what takes us out of ignorance.

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