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Who are the key characters in The Tempest?

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    1. Prospero: Main character and the rightful Duke of Milan. Prospero is the main character in The Tempest. He is the Duke of Milan who was overthrown by his brother Antonio fifteen years before the beginning of the play and cast adrift in a boat with his baby daughter, Miranda. During those fifteen years, he studied and taught himself how to do magic.
    2. Miranda: Daughter of Prospero. Another main characters of The Tempest. She was banished to the Island along with her father at the age of three, and in the subsequent twelve years has lived with her father and their slave, Caliban, as her only company. 
    3. Sycorax: A vicious powerful witch and the mother of Caliban. An unseen character in The Tempest. One of the few native inhabitants of the island who died before the arrival of Prospero is the island.
    4. Ariel: A spirit in service to Prospero. Ariel is bound to serve Prospero as he rescued him from the tree in which he was imprisoned by Sycorax.
    5. Caliban: A servant of Prospero and a savage monster. Half-human, half-monster who is forced into slavery and son of the witch Sycorax.
    6. Antonio: Prospero’s brother, the usurping Duke of Milan. The main villain of the play. He dethroned his brother with the help of King of Naples.
    7. Gonzalo: An honest old councilor. An honest and trusted adviser who helps Prospero when abandoned by the king and his brother.
    8. King Of Naples: An enemy of Prospero. Neither a good guy nor a bad guy.
    9. Ferdinand: The prince of Naples and the son of Alonso. A humble, kind, and naive guy who spends most of his time during The Tempest trying to win the affection of Miranda.

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