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What was the subject of Paradise Lost?

What was the subject of Paradise Lost?

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    The subject of Paradise Lost is the story of the fall of man from a state of innocence into a state of sin. It is a narrative of temptation, the fall, and the consequences.

    The story is told in the first person by an individual who is representative of the human race, and who has been chosen to show the path to the salvation of mankind. The poem is divided into ten books, each one corresponding to a day in the week of creation.

    Paradise Lost is also the title of a book by John Milton, published in 1667. This edition includes a preface by John Dennis, who wrote a lengthy introduction to the book, in which he claimed that it was not Milton’s work, but his own. In Paradise Lost, Adam, the first man, is created as a perfect being; he is innocent and free from sin, having been blessed by God. He is a model of humanity. After he is created, Adam falls asleep, and awakes in the garden of Eden. There, he finds himself naked and alone.

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