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What is the tragic flaw in hamlet?

What is the tragic flaw in hamlet?

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  1. The tragic flaw of Hamlet in his indecisiveness and inaction. He learns about his father’s murder and resolves to seek revenge. However, he desists killing Claudius on multiple occasions like when he is praying unguarded after the theatre etc.

    He ends up killing Polonius and Laertes before he ends Claudius’s life. By the time he decides to take action, he has lost his lover Ophelia, his mother Gertrude and completely isolated himself from his loved ones.

    In the end, he confides in Horatio and asks him to carry forward his story. Hamlet’s thoughts and clouded with ambiguity and emotions that vacillate continuously. He struggles to get an understanding of death and mortality and ends up delaying his plan and purpose.

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