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What is the theme of the lesson Old Man River?

What is the theme of the lesson Old Man River?

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    1. Unity – The children rather than being afraid or looking to escape, stuck together and unitedly solved the problem at hand. They worked together in gathering the resources and providing comfort to each other.
    2. Selflessness– Even in a flood situation Jim risked himself to go rescue Sara from the playhouse porch, she is not even his sister and yet he did not back out. This and the fact that he served in Junior Red Cross shows how selfless Jim is and how much he cares for others. We must all learn from him.
    3. Bravery – It is undoubtedly obvious how brave all of them were throughout the entire story. Being stranded in the house, without any adults could have been disastrous. However, these kids thought and worked intellectually and bravely and were able to save themselves and call for help.

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