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What is the summary of the poem “The poplar field”

What is the summary of the poem “The poplar field”

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  1. The poem describes a place that was once laden with trees but now it is barren because of deforestation. The poet memorises the bank of the Ouse River where during his childhood he played a lot.

    The poet talks about deforestation from the Ouse River’s bank that has led to the loss of the greenery and the mesmerising tone of the trees. In addition, it has destroyed the blackbirds’ shelter that would fill the air with their sweet songs.

    He regrets the fact that having no nest they are lying on the ground. The poet memorises there was a time when they used to live on the branches. A number of blackbirds have migrated to other places because deforestation has made them homeless.

    Likewise flourishing songs that charmed the poet and their chirping are no more. The poet mourns the fact that the joys of living near the trees at Ouse River’s bank. He states that man’s joys aren’t eternal and everlasting. They are shorter even than life.

    Before a man dies, they fade away. The poet says he used to get pleasure not from the materialistic things but by the trees but his only pleasure was snatched away from him. The poem contrasts the lifespan of life and trees. Trees grow up, have, leaves, etc., and give shades to the people; and finally, they are cut down.

    According to the poet, as we grow older, we lose the sense of joy. As there is no guarantee of life, we should enjoy every moment. We can’t take these moments with us. Enjoyments and our pleasures perish before our death.

    The poet offers the readers suggestion to save and protect the trees. He warns us that if the forests that are green are not protected by us we will die before age. We’re nature’s products, and we must surrender ourselves to it, one day.

    The poet has contrasted life and the tree and stated our lives are more perishable than the trees. So the character should be defended by us. It reveals the poet’s love towards nature in life, which depicts nostalgic and rural tone. The poet suggests keeping balance. Deforestation is a challenge to the world. Through this poem, he wishes to give the message it is bad to chop trees down.

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