What is the difference between “anytime” and “any time”?

What is the difference between “anytime” and “any time”?

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    • The word “Anytime” means “whenever” or “at any time”. It is used as an adverb. e.g. You can call me anytime, I will be there for you. As a single word, it is also used as subordinate conjunction. e.g. Anytime it stops raining, we will go out for bicycling. An important point worth noting is that we cannot used a preposition before anytime.
    • “Any time” on the other hand also means “whenever” or “at any time”. However we can use preposition before it. e.g. He can come at any time. However the sentence “He can come at anytime” will be wrong.

    Now a days, anytime is used more as compared to any time. However none of them is wrong.

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