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what is a “cloze passage” in reading?

what is a “cloze passage” in reading?

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    The concept of cloze passages was developed by William W. Cloze who came up with a technique to test language proficiency and learning skills of reading in students. He also taught them to figure out which words are missing from the text.

    The cloze passage consists of a short text with missing words or blanks. These blanks will be replaced by the correct words. Then, test takers have to figure out which words were missed from the original passage and write their guesses in the correct answers space. The test taker’s correct answers and answers filled in by the test taker is then compared to the actual correct answers to determine which answer is best.

    If the test taker’s answers were closer to the correct answers than those who did not fill in the blanks, then the test taker is deemed as having done well on the test. This is because the correct answers are hidden somewhere in the text. This technique can be used for all types of tests and assessment such as reading comprehension, listening skills, vocabulary, etc.

    Results: This is a useful technique that helps one improve and develop reading skills. Students can also be guided to improve their reading ability by answering questionnaires that will ask them to read a passage and answer the questions that follow.

  2. Cloze passages are text passages that omit certain words, usually in a specified pattern.
    The passage can be used to assess reading ability and teaches the test taker how to figure out what the missing words are by looking at context.

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