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What Are The Poetic Devices Of The Poem XIV?

What Are The Poetic Devices Of The Poem XIV?

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    1. Metaphor: A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not applicable. For example, “frenzy of an old snake.
    2. Alliteration: The occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. For example, “the speckled road, scored with ruts, smelling of mold,”.
    3. Imagery: Elements of a poem that evoke one or more of the five senses to produce a series of mental pictures. Using colorful or metaphorical language, specifically, to express concepts, things, or actions. For example, “speckled road”.
    4. Personification: Personification is a poetic device where animals, plants, or even inanimate objects, are given human qualities resulting in a poem full of imagery and description. For example, “lamplight glowed through the ribs”.
    5. Enjambment: Enjambment, is a poetic term for the continuation of a sentence or phrase from one line of poetry to the next. For example: “twisted on itself and reentered the forest/ where the dasheen leaves thicken and folk stories begin.”


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