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What are the major themes of Bholi?

What are the major themes of Bholi?

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  1. Following are the major themes in the short story Bholi

    Impact of Family

    The family of Bholi was not kind towards her because she hd scars on her face and also stammered badly. She was never given new things and also did not get parental love. This way, she lost courage to speak and hence always kept quiet.

    When she was admitted to school, her teacher encouraged her to speak and also showed sympathy, love and compassion. This is why Bholi felt better at school and also got educated.

    Impact of Education

    The novel revolves around the theme of eduction. When Bishamber demands dowry, Bholi reacts boldly and refuses to marry. She gained this courage and confidence because of education. Without education she would have been a dumb girl and also had suffered for rest of her life because Bishamber was very greedy.

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  2. The story of ‘Bholi’ , deals with a number of themes related to the girl child. It also underlines the need of dealing with handicapped children in a sympathetic manner. It shows how through proper education, through love and encouragement, a handicapped child can outdo even normal children.

    Bholi was a mentally backward child . She stammered badly. And she had a black pockmarks on her body. Her parents had little hope that anyone would marry her. They neglected her completely. But Bholi’s teacher gave her all love and affection. She filled her heart with a new hope. She said that in time she would become the most learned person in her village. The nobody would laugh at her. Thus the teacher changed Bholi into a masterpiece of courage and confidence. We see this when Bholi refuses to marry a mean and greedy person like Bishamber.

  3. Bholi is a little girl who is born into a poor family and has a cleft lip. Her parents are ashamed of her and do not want to spend money on her education. They plan to marry her off to a rich man who demands a large dowry. Bholi’s lack of self-confidence and her parents’ attitude towards her are the main themes of the story. The story highlights the importance of family support and emotional security for proper child development

    The major theme of the story Bholi is the impact of family on children. Bholi is a little girl who fails to develop self-confidence because of her parents’ attitude towards her. The story hints at why family support and emotional security are essential for proper child development. Also, disabled children must be given encouragement, love and, education like their normal counterparts

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