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What are the Characteristics of Wordsworth Poetry?

What are the Characteristics of Wordsworth Poetry?

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  1. Main Features of William Wordsworth’s Poetry:

    1. Emphasis on Nature
    2. Use of simple and everyday human language
    3. Wrote against corrupt society practises
    4. Love for nature

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      1. Nature: Wordsworth often wrote about nature and his love for the outdoors. He believed that nature was a source of inspiration and renewal, and he used it as a way to explore and express his emotions.
      2. Imagination: Wordsworth’s poetry was often rooted in the power of the imagination. He believed that the imagination was a powerful tool for understanding the world and connecting with others.
      3. Simplicity: Wordsworth’s poetry was characterized by its simple language and straightforward style. He often wrote in a conversational tone and used everyday language to convey his ideas.
      4. Emotion: Wordsworth’s poetry was often rooted in emotion. He often wrote about his own emotions and experiences, as well as those of others. He believed that emotions were a powerful way to connect with others.
      5. Memory: Wordsworth often wrote about memory and how it shaped his life and his poetry. He believed that memories could be a powerful source of inspiration and reflection.

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