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What are Linking Sentences in English?

What are Linking Sentences in English?

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  1. These are the sentences which maintain continuity and development of thought and expression throughout the lines. Following are some examples to help you understand the concept of Linking Sentences in English.

    1. As told earlier, I will not do this again.
    2. As per the lines mentioned above, it has been proved that the poem was written before Shakespeare.
    3. Based on this study, we conclude that he was wrong.
    4. In accordance with the law mentioned before, he is proved guilty.
    5. According to the author about whom we talked about, this theory is no longer valid.

    Thus as per the lines above, a linking sentence has two parts- introductory part, in which information from the previous sentence or line is used as the introduction to talk about something new and the other is concluding part, in which something is proved, concluded or told.

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