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Lucifer Morningstar

When angels fall, they also rise
  1. The story is about the the hard work of Mr Gessler  and his brother and their exceptional honesty, resolution, compassion, humility and commitment. They used to dedicate their complete energy in making boots and the quality reflected in them. According to the author, the boots would never tear for yRead more

  2. The short story A Letter to God is about the innocence of a poor farmer who becomes a victim of natural calamity. The author in this short story throws light on two important things: Blind-faith Lencho being uneducated has too much belief in God. For him God is on earth and one can easily have a disRead more

  3. Lencho is the protagonist or in simple words main character of the short story A Letter to God. He is a poor farmer but is very dedicated and hard-working. We find that he leaves no stone unturned to feed his family and fulfil their needs. However he is also an uneducated person and without knowledgRead more

  4. Following are the main themes in the poem Charge of the Light Brigade – Loyalty and Patriotism As we know that this poem is less about mourning and more about appreciating the loyalty of the British soldiers. They knew well that their leader has mistakenly commanded the brigade to charge towards theRead more

  5. Othello, from Shakespeare’s Canon, remains one of the most significant plays for its treatment of women. The character of Desdemona in the play offers us a subversive and radical perspective that Shakespeare has to offer. In the beginning of the play we see Desdemona falling in love with a Moor, a bRead more