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Lucifer Morningstar

When angels fall, they also rise
  1. The story is about the the hard work of Mr Gessler  and his brother and their exceptional honesty, resolution, compassion, humility and commitment. They used to dedicate their complete energy in making boots and the quality reflected in them. According to the author, the boots would never tear for years and hence in spite of his desire, he could not go to Gessler Brothers.

    With the time, new factories emerged that manufactured cheaper boots though they were not durable. This affected the Gessler Brothers’ business and they died.

    The title of the story “Quality” describes the decline of quality because of industrialisation. It took away the bread and butter of artisans, craftsmen and those who loved doing their work.

    Read the summary of Quality by John Galsworthy here.

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  2. The subplot in King Lear involves the family of Gloucester where he is the father, Edgar is his loyal son and Edmund is his deceitful (illegitimate) son.

    The story curve is similar to the main plot where the evil sibling wins his father’s approval and is able to arrogate all power to himself. The loyal and compassionate Edgar is forced to run for cover and assume an alias to save his life.

    In the end, Edgar is able to reunite with his father and reclaim his rightful inheritance. In the process, he  is able to exact revenge by killing Edmund.

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  3. Love in Hamlet exist as sub-plot. It leads to main plot line of revenge and justice. Hamlet shares love for his father, for his mother, romance with Ophelia and friendship with Horatio.

    The strongest of all these affections is for his dead father that makes his lust for revenge enough to sacrifice all other relationships like his bond with his mother Gertrude and love affair with Ophelia.

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  4. The good vs evil in Othello is represented by Iago vs Desdemona. While Desdemona is described as loving, beautiful, trusting, compassionate and divine, Iago is shown as scheming, sinister, jealous, manipulative and devilish.

    Iago also manages to bring the evil out of someone like Othello who was a venerated soldier and brave leader. This battle unlike most tales see a final triumph of evil as Iago manages to isolate Othello, brainwash him and incite him to banish his friend Cassio and kill his beloved Desdemona.

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  5. The short story A Letter to God is about the innocence of a poor farmer who becomes a victim of natural calamity. The author in this short story throws light on two important things:


    Lencho being uneducated has too much belief in God. For him God is on earth and one can easily have a discussion with Him or even can ask for help. Hence he writes a letter to Him seeking His help.

    The employees are moved by the innocence of Lencho and thus collect money for him so that him belief in God may remain firm. The irony of the story is that he takes the postmen as thieves as he thinks that they have stolen his money. Thus blind-faith is a dangerous thing


    We have discussed above that Lencho is uneducated. However the poet highlights how common corruption is in the society that even illiterate and innocent people like Lencho are also well aware of this social evil.

    Read the detailed summary of A Letter to God

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