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Lucifer Morningstar

When angels fall, they also rise
  1. 1. Celebrating Indigenous Judicial System
    “God Lives In The Panch” was during the rule of Britishers in India. In this story, author is criticising the judicial system of the Britishers saying that Indians already had a rural judicial system (Panchayat) where impartial enquiry and judgments are already prevalent. When one is appointed as a Panch or as the head of the Panch, he forgets his earthly ties and gives judgement in accordance with the norms of morality, legality and ethics.

    2. Friendship & Property Disputes
    The short-story also deals with themes of friendship between Jumman Sheikh and Alagu Chowdhari and property disputes between them. Through these multiple themes, author is trying to present different facets of India but what he intends to champion primarily in this short story is the role of the Head-Panch in a Panchayati system and his responsibilities.

  2. In the Dramatic Monologue “The Patriot”, Robert Browning uses imagery to show his glory in the beginning and tragic end of his life in the end.

    In the beginning, the patriot says that when he came back from a war after winning, there were “roses, rose…with myrtle”. In addition, there were so many people on the roofs of houses (to welcome him) that “house-roofs seemed to heave and sway” and the flags were waving on the top of Churches. It looked like “church-spires flamed”. All these images show how Patriot was treated by the people when he came victoriously.

    However, after 1 year, he is going to be executed because he tried to do too much for them. Now, nobody praises or supports him. There are “just a palsied few at the window set”. The word “palsied” depicts their cold behaviour towards the Patriot. However most of them have gathered to see him hanging. It is raining and he is bleeding as people are throwing stones at him.

    He describes his execution scene as follows, “Thus I entered, and thus I go!” meaning that he was not giving a moment and stoned to death.

  3. The phrase “Blowing in the Wind” in this poem means that the answer to the problems mentioned by the poet like problems of wars, ego, discrimination (against the Blacks), sorrows of commoners, death of people because of war, is all around us.

    There is a solution to each and every of our problems but nobody goes out of his comfort zone to grab it. It remains there and anybody who cares for the world can get it.

  4. In the poem “Coromandel Fishers”, the poet Sarojini Naidu addresses the freedom fighters to rise and fight against the Britishers as the independence of India is quite near.

  5. Lily is the 1st generation child in US as her parents moved from India after unfavourable conditions. The customs and traditions of both the countries are quite different. While Lily’s parents are stick to their Indian Culture, Lily on the other hand is stuck between the Indian and the American Culture and Beliefs.

    In the house, her father asks her to learn about the Indian Subcontinent while in the Schools her teachers ask her to learn about American History. Among this she is not been able to adopt anything.

    Mr Pirzada used to give her a candy whenever he would visit her. When Lily comes to know about the disappearance of Mr Pirzada’s family she starts putting a candy in her mouth while going to bed in the night and keeps it there till the morning.

    This is her understanding of prayer and believes that her prayers will be fulfilled and finally when she comes to know that Mr Pirzada’s family is safe, she gives up this practice.

  6. In the poem Laburnum Top, the poet talks about the mutual relationship of a Laburnum Tree and goldfinch which has built a nest in the it. The main theme of the poem is “mutual benefit”. The tree which is still in its position comes to life by the chirping and swift movement of bird and its chicks. On the other hand, the bird and her young ones get space to live in.