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Give 10 examples of compound sentences.

Give 10 examples of compound sentences.

1 Answer

  1. Here are the 10 examples of compound sentences using FANBOYS.

    1. Kamini sent in her application and waited by the phone for a response.
    2. Raman heard the weather report and quickly went back home.
    3. Everybody but Chitra is going to appear for the NET Exam.
    4. I proposed her but she rejected me.
    5. Study hard for the exam or you will not get marks.
    6. Marry me or else I will marry you.
    7. Salman Khan is neither a murderer nor a human. He is being human.
    8. I’m a student of English Literature yet I love Computer Programming.
    9. Most of the visitors were happy just relaxing under the tree, for it had been a long dusty journey on the cart.
    10. He wanted to live with me so I agreed.

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