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“fresher” or “more fresh”. Which one is correct?

“fresher” or “more fresh”. Which one is correct?

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  1. Here is the simple rule for making comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives.

    1 syllable adjective + -er Honey is sweeter than sugar
    2 syllables more + adjective Kashmir is more beautiful than Jammu
    2 syllables ending in -y drop -y from adjective +-ier I am happier than him.

    So, we  use fresher instead of more fresh because fresh is a single syllable adjective. e.g. The air is fresher here than in Delhi.

    However, in some cases, we use more with fresh. e.g. The beans are more fresh and tasty than ladyfingers. Here more fresh seems to be appropriate because we are using two adjectives.

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