Explain the Theme of Power in the Tempest.

Explain the Theme of Power in the Tempest.

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    There are several and complex power relationships in Tempest. There is the royal patronage that King Alonso offers to his courtiers and servants. In act 1, there is power relationship between the Mariners and their captain.

    But the dominant power figure is Prospero who rules the Island with total authority. He has hold over the life of his daughter Miranda, his servants like Caliban (man) and Ariel (spirit).

    Power is also shown in its soft form when Antonio plots with Sebastian and Caliban plots with Stefano to usurp power from their benefactors respectively.

    Manipulation of characters by Prospero and Ariel (under Prosper’s command and otherwise) is the recurring motif of power. Also the authority  that a parent commands over his ward is shown in the case Prospero and the pair of Miranda-Ferdinand.

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