Explain supernatural elements in Kubla Khan

Explain supernatural elements in Kubla Khan

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  1. The poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which was written after an opium-induced dream, contains many supernatural elements. The very first line “a vision in a dream, a fragment” suggests that it is a vision and not reality so the things mentioned in the poem will not be real.

    • The poet says that River Alph flows which is scared. Thus it is related to some divine power.
    • Next, there are “caverns measureless to man” that flow “down to a sunless sea.”
    • There is a “deep romantic chasm with ceaseless (never-ending) turmoil”
    • There is a “holy and enchanted” place where a “woman” wailed “for her demon lover”.
    • There are “ancestral voices prophesying war”
    • Finally, the poet talks about some paradise.

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